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Loss (grief, mourning, death, a burnt bridge, a lost memory) is an altered experience of space, manifesting in both the material world and the remembered space captured in image and video.

Loss is a remnant. Loss is a glitch. Loss remains outside of a linear understanding of the before, now, and after by inhabiting both the before and the after, positioning the now as an overlap of the two. In mourning, it is demanded of me to live in the present, not to dwell in the before, and to strive towards the after. This is the demand to move on - forward through time and backward through space.

I came here so that I could have two years to process loss. To dig, organise, and explore my personal archive of photos, writing, things like that. To work with my friends. To find (a) home in London.

SANS is a short film for / about / with my mom, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2015 and types with her eyes on her Tobii Dynavox.

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archive(r) is a collection of paper artefacts - photos, writing, and printed scans, reflecting on the practice of personal archiving.

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A visual reading of ‘Glitch Feminism’ by Legacy Russell

Russell repositions glitch from machine error to a chance to expand the space of what functions a machine should or could be performing. Through the processing of identity and bodily experience, the digital world (the machine) becomes a material. Queer identities glitch a heteronormative system. Creativity flourishes in a glitch / the glitch / in glitches. The chapters presented here are not in the same order as presented in the original work by Russell. Each visual summary can stand alone but work together as a response to glitch.
Contributors: Andrea Siso, Anya Landlot, Celine Nguyen, Karl Rivera, Karanjit Singh, Kinga Okstuba, Lera Kelman, Saba Mundlay, Sophie Maria Vickers. 

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loss_altered_space [link] is currently a website, and potentially an installation. Images can be dragged to layer the ‘after’ onto the ‘before’, to create unique compositions that reflect a moment in space being altered by the feeling of loss.

Remnants is a card game set in a world without humans. Using trades and chance, players attempt to envision the game-world in a particular colour to score points. Cards are drawn, traded, and placed to create a patchworked space depicting post-human world scenarios.

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